Back from Dortmund

I got back from Dortmund late last night. Went there for 4 days, primary reason to take photos all along the route between Dortmund and Unna. I chose Saturday to do it, and walked it in 4 hours. The sky was grey, but it was cool and still, good conditions for walking. Lots of great shots, and one big surprise en route, to be divulged on the Over Here Over There walk on the 17th.

Ain’t got much time right now, off to work shortly, but there are 3 things I have to mention.

First, an auspicious start to my journey. Two women speaking German on the bus from Leeds to Leeds-Bradford airport. As I listened to them, it became clear that they were discussing Stalin! What an odd opener to the weekend.

Second, the hospitality of Silvia and Ralf in Dortmund. They made me feel more than welcome. Look out for Silvia’s work in Leeds this autumn.

And third, an auspicious coincidence. When I reached Dusseldorf, I found myself without the correct change for the train journey to Dortmund. A Romanian student currently studying in Dublin gave me the change I needed. When I returned to Leeds, there was somebody with not enough sterling to pay for the bus from the airport to Leeds. It turns out he is a Romanian who has studied at Huddersfield, but was returning from a successful job interview in Dublin. I don’t know the name of my benefactor in Dusseldorf, but Radu – if you meet her when you move to Dublin, please tell her that this weekend the karma flowed and it flowed fast.


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