Spirit Rally & Talking the Walk take centre stage!

Thursday 25th Nov from 5pm until 8ish pm
Patrick Studios St Marys Lane LS9 7EH

Helen Pritchard ‘Spirit Rally’ and Graeme Murrell ‘Over Here Over There Talking the Walk’Helen Pritchard: Spirit Rally, Bremen

Hot on the heals of Mik Artistik comes another set of live art events, this time down at Patrick Studios, and there could be pompoms!?

It’s a busy old art night in Leeds on the 25th, so why not get away from it a bit on the edge of town and relax in the knowledge that your contributions will be creating a sonic atmosphere of experimentation, as ‘Spirit Rally’ is an invitation to join the temporary committee and reclaim the act of co-participation!

Or you can sit, chat, relax and enjoy the sonic incarnations of the rally…

With a beverage or two and some snap in our bellies Graeme Murrell will relive 15 miles in 15 minutes of Over Here Over There, as he revisits, reinvents and regales us with the twists and turns of a rather extraordinary route between Leeds and Huddersfield, it’s not the A58 I can tell you!

So come and be courageous and confused as the rest of us as we set out on an evening of discovery in the wonderful worlds of Live Art…

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