From West to North to South to East and back

Agenda points!?

Date and time: 25 November, 5-8 pm
Project Space, Patrick Studios, East Street Arts, Leeds, LS9 7EH

A series of six performance art events between November 2010 and June 2011 led byEast Street Arts and curated in collaboration with Compass Associates OUI Performance (York); Red Gallery (Hull) and Bloc Projects (Sheffield). The programme aims to showcase performance in visual arts context and connect artists, producers, organisers and audiences from the region and beyond.

The first event is curated by East Street Arts as part of Over Yonder involving artists Graeme Murrell and Helen Pritchard

Helen Pritchard: Spirit Rally 3: The event is you

Spirit Rally3 is distributed performance event, a cheerleading rehearsal, a celebration of conversation and a temporary community of practice. The rally is an invitation to become part of a temporary committee, to reclaim the act of co-participation and contribute to a live collective sonic experiment. Listeners are also welcome! Spirit Rally was first presented as part of Sonic Peripheries in June 2010 in Bremen, Germany and forms part of the artist’s ongoing research in the relationships between common language and natural, human & social capital.

Graeme Murrell: Over Here Over There: Talking the Walk

The artist will present the second part of the project, ‘Over Here Over There’, bringing the experience of his 15 miles walk between Leeds and Huddersfield back in the form of a 15 minutes performance lecture to both the original and new audiences.  0: The body in movement, gesticulating, walking, taking its pleasure; or, the derive. 3: Over here. 6; Over there. 9: Over here over there. 12: The floor. 15: Finit.

The series is part of Compass: Stimulating the Growth of Live Art in Yorkshire and the Humber, a 18 month project to further develop Live Art in the region.

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