Open Window in City

This project will certainly interest all of you who like technology and the artist Megan Smith pushes the boundaries of Skype to invite you to live portals opening up possibilities of meeting and talking to people in other cities and towns. Look out for special events that aim to link communities across a virtual dimension.

Open Window in City is both a homage to Hole-in-Space (1980) by Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz and it is an indicator of how much technology has progressed since the 1980’s. Most importantly, in a society that claims to be globally networked, digital exchange is still primarily text based. Open Window in City will allow for a public to interact with people in another city, placing importance on human contact, through live feed audio/visual display.

Artist: Megan Smith
Dates: 10th – 12nd November 2010

Windows open:

Wednesday 10 November    8-9:30
Thursday 11 November        8-9:30 & 11:30-14:00
Friday 12 November             11:30 – 15:45

Wednesday 10 November    9-10:30
Thursday 11 November        9-10:30 & 12:30-15:00
Friday 12 November             12:30 – 16:45

Venue: (coming soon)

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