Over Here Over There

“In a dérive one or more persons during a certain period drop their relations, their work and leisure activities, and all their other usual motives for movement and action, and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there.”
Guy Debord

A psychogeographical exploration of the territory between twin towns in West Yorkshire and the Ruhr Valley.

Join artist Graeme Murrell as he leads a merry band of followers (flickerers, bloggers, twitterers, texters) on a walk between Leeds and Huddersfield, on perhaps a more engaging journey than the M62 has to offer, though likely just as gruelling at times!

A group of wanderers at play will walk between Leeds and Huddersfield by following a superimposed road route between Dortmund and Unna in the Ruhr Valley. Inscribing the ‘over there’ path by realtime GPS transmission during their journey ‘over here’. Describing in tweets and photographs the attractions of the terrain and the encounters as their adventure unfolds. Comparing over here actualities with over there possibilities. Merging layers, folding in dual impressions, cutting and splicing between here and there to produce a third recombinant landscape online where you can follow their progress, talk to participants, and add observations of your own.

Artist: Graeme Murrell
A project in two parts 1. Walking, 2. Talking (see below).
Over Here Over There: Walking the Walk
Date: 17th October 2010, all day
8.30 am Leeds City Square for a 8.45am start
4.45 pm Arrive at St. George’s Square outside Huddersfield Railway Station
5.00 pm Libations at the Head of Steam Pub (St. George’s Square, Huddersfield, HD1 1JF)
Venue: The distance between Leeds and Huddersfield by foot**
Follow the walk: Flickr page | Twitter feed | Over Here Over There’s website

**Make sure you have very comfortable walking shoes, a packed lunch and something to drink. Let’s hope its not raining… and even if you can’t do the walk, join us for a beer as we end the day in The Head of Steam in Huddersfield.

2. Over Here Over There: Talking the Walk
Date: 25th November 2010 (as part of COMPASS)
Time: from 5 pm
Venue: East Street Arts: Patrick Studios, Project Space, Leeds. LS9 7EH

On 25 November the artist will present the second part of the project, ‘Over Here Over There: Talking the Walk’, bringing the experience of his 15 miles walk between Leeds and Huddersfield back in the form of a 15 minutes performance lecture to both the original and new audiences.  0: The body in movement, gesticulating, walking, taking its pleasure; or, the derive. 3: Over here. 6; Over there. 9: Over here over there. 12: The floor. 15: Finit.

5 Responses to Over Here Over There

  1. Ralph says:

    Very excited to be walking the walk. I’m bringing sandwiches, a flask and my Blackberry.

    Join us.

  2. Sara Z says:

    I’m coming! My phone is a dumbphone though, it speaks no internet, hears no internet.

    My feet, however, have wings.


  3. jonwakeman says:

    Notes that I think are appropriate in light of Graeme’s up coming walk (unedited spelling and all!)

    Walking home to 50
    Some words taken from Roy Bayfield talk to Leeds Psychogeographers at Leeds Uni
    Could be defined psycho geog rift
    The none official route
    Pier to pier networking Southport to Brighton done in stages, do a walk and then do a blog post
    Items for sale inside
    Station to station, typically along waterways as they provide footpaths in and out of towns Unravelled walt Disney fantasia, what’s happened to unwound tape!
    Nature pinewood studios fibreglass boulders the land that time forgot
    Bond Close
    Blog post hits due to names of motels
    A natural rule follower, the least transgresive psycogeographer
    Journey interrupted due to heart disease
    The Me at home the me still walking
    Walk 8 times to the green heart. Do this twice a day
    Landscape of the body
    Bypass new routes
    Bypass pilgrim Roy bayfield
    Edge hill3
    Battlefield campus place
    Constructing the mythologised space
    Waiting for development
    Practice of hand to hand fighting MoD
    Village of bomb disposal
    Argleton google non place
    Whole life big empty field
    Lasso of truth kyrick soft toys
    Punt PI
    The world is stranger than it seems
    Argleton beer
    John Davis the psycho geog vicar hull to Liverpool

    Jon Wakeman

  4. Sara Z says:

    And on the other side of the world, at almost the exact same time, we have this:


    Not sure how that fit in with your ideas Graeme, but I like it!

  5. Jacqui Wicks says:

    I haven’t been able to leave my computer alone since 9am, I am transfixed by the little red dot and wish I had joined you, will most definitely be seeing you in the pub at 5ish, walk safely friends x

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