“Things in everyday life become invisible. It is only when they undergo modification that they once again catch our attention. ” /Silvia Liebig/

The installation, poor_pattern, is based on this principle. Liebig researched photographs that depicted marginalized groups such as homeless people, starving children, people with disabilities, victims of landmines… the kind of topics and the type of imagery that most of us have grown familiar with.

Using these images the artist made a series of outline sketches. These were then simplified to black and white pictograms that could still be identified with their source. The pictograms were then colored and rearranged to form complex structures and shapes, which were used as the basic elements of patterns in the design of the Poor_pattern ‘wallpaper’. The diametric opposition between the content and the re-modelled appearance is intended to be mutually enforcing.

Poor_pattern: Silvia Liebig
Dates, times and venue to be announced

2 Responses to poor_pattern

  1. jonnydrury says:

    Brilliant! Loads of food for thought.

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