Snap Into Place

‘Dipping my hand carelessly in a treacle barrel of memories I randomly recall the welcoming serenade by the guitar-wielding twin-daughters of the owner of a log-roofed, family-run hotel in Bremen; the cake icing décor of the casino in Baden-Baden; the elegant behaviour of late-night promenaders in Hanover; having my tie cut in half by militant feminists on the street in Koln; an unofficial guided tour of the red-light district in Karlsruhe; an idyllic stay (concluding with a rural fete) in Hornberg; and a wine-tasting session in a cellar near Wittlich that got out of hand.’ Vic Allen

…are all things you probably won’t see in Snap Into Place, but you will see snapshots of other peoples lives linked through the relationship of having taken part through the medium of disposable cameras.

Snap into Place is an exhibition at the Dean Clough Galleries in Halifax, England that uses disposable cameras to explore links and similarities between West Yorkshire and the Ruhr Valley. The exhibition was prompted by the Ruhr’s status (in 2010) as the European Capital of Culture and by the existence of several twinning links between the Ruhr and West Yorkshire; notably Brighouse / Leudenscheid; Hebden Royd / Warstein; Leeds / Dortmund; Wakefield / Castrop-Rauxel.

It is not, however, an official exhibition. Disposable cameras have been issued to a wide range of people (from civic dignitaries to vagrants) in a bid to circumvent the political motivations of ‘celebratory art’. The result, we hope, will be a comparison of people’s lives whose ‘truth’ can be glimpsed in the (often) arbitrary selection of candidates, the extemporary nature of the images – and in all the strange stuff that falls unwittingly into a camera lens.

Dates: 9th October 2010 – 9th January 2011
Times: Mon – Sun 10 am – 5 pm
Venue: Dean Clough Galleries

Snap into Place : Dean Clough

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