Spy Box

Tim Knowles will develop and exhibit a new piece of work for the first time in West Yorkshire in October. He will document a journey between The Art House, Wakefield; nti, Leeds and Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax through the development of a box-object that is sent through the postal system. His creation will  take a photograph every 12 seconds through a small aperture. The photographs will be developed into an animation capturing glimpses of the local post offices, the back of counter workings of the post offices, sorting offices, transportation and ultimately their delivery at their destination, revealing the hidden world of the postal system observed during this triangular journey.

The work will be on display at nti connected to Leeds Digital Festival between 8-12 November and then in The Art House as part of the November Wakefield Artwalk on the 24th – a lovely evening when art venues, cafes and other spaces open their doors and invite you in to see studios, shows and exhibitions.

Artist: Tim Knowles
Dates: Launch 26 Jan 2011
Times: From 6pm / Artists talk 7pm
Venue: The Art House, Wakefield

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