Urban Icons

Chapeltown and Harehills. Maureen’s and Stone’s. Cheese and Pickle. Rice and Peas. Them and Us. Hundreds and Thousands. Alex Dunn’s Urban Icons, portraits some of the many customers passing through her own sandwich shop (Harehills) and Maureen’s Caribbean takeaway (Chapletown)

Urban Icons is a photography exhibition by Alex Dunn . Alex is an emerging artist from Leeds College of Art and the owner of Stones, a sandwich shop in Harehills. For this project she twinned her shop with Maureen’s, a Caribbean restaurant in Chapeltown which became the sites of her photographing the community of the Chapeltown and Harehills part of the city. The portraits for the base for an exhibition that put the spotlight on everyday people and the diversity of the neighbourhood. The project involved hundreds of people in the two neighbourhood and helped generating chance meetings between strangers while on view in the restaurants. For the exhibition in Union 105 Dunn will relocate the portraits from their original context to a gallery space and present all the photos from both restaurants for the first time together and for new audiences.

Artist: Alex Dunn
20 October – 4th November 2010
Tue – Thu, 10-6 pm
Venue: East Street Arts: Union 105, 105 Chapeltown Road Leeds LS7 3HY

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