“Seven cold dark nights, three artists taken away from there homes because the job took them away, one narrow boat creaking through town after town”

Artist collective Contents May Vary takes a trip down the Rochdale Canal, spending 6 days on a narrow boat, the Northumberland, turning it into a floating ready-made exhibition and performance space! Making artwork as they meander; Museum of Contemporary Rubbish/“Danny come and play with us… Come and play with us…
Forever and Ever… and ever”/Social Club mixed up Mixtapes. So with daily sojourns to local hostelries for consumer interaction/interrelations/interart, come and discover what happens when you mix boats, locals and artists!

Boatelier (Boat/Hotel/Atelier) uses a ready-made exhibition and performance space as art of a narrow boat navigating the Rochdale Canal for the location of an exhibition of three event-based works.

From the 16th to the 18th of October, Contents May Vary will navigate the boat from Sowerby Bridge to Todmorden. Each day they will moor at an advertised location where they will present their event based works.

Each artist has produced a participatory event which takes the idea of connecting the twinned locations of the Aire and Calder Valley in West Yorkshire, England and the Ruhr Valley in Germany and explores the social, historical and political similarities and differences. Throughout each event they will collect artifacts which will be added to a collection on board the boat, accumulating throughout the journey.

From the 19th to the 21st of October, Contents May Vary will make the return journey from Todmorden to Sowerby inviting members of the public aboard the boat to experience the collection and the results of the events. Refreshments will be provided and visitors can discuss everything from art to boating with the artists.

The project will be connected to an exhibition at: Union 105, Chapeltown in Leeds (22 November – 9 December, Preview: 18 November), and the artists will also give a talk on 24th November (5-7 pm) as part of Weds@105 series 2 ‘On Collaboration and Collectivity’.

Guest Artists in Residence
Contents May Vary have invited a number of artists to join them en route, who include:
Michael Burkitt
Edwyn Butler
Helen Collett
Myles Donaldson
Johanna Goetze
Chris Hurford
James Moffat
Kerry Morrison
Janie Nicoll
Rosanne RobertsonPiece created during Boatelier residency
Gabriel Stones
Download artists list and further info (pdf)

Artists: Contents May Vary
Dates: 16th – 21st October 2010
Saturday 16th October, 17.00-19:00: Sowerby Bridge (The Moorings)
Sunday 17th October, 15.00-17:00: Todmorden (Golden Lion)
Monday 18th October, 18.00-20:00: Hebden Bridge (Alternative Technology Centre)
Tuesday 19th October, 18.00-20:00: Todmorden (Golden Lion)
Wednesday 20th October, 18.00-20:00: Sowerby Bridge (The Moorings)
Thursday 21st October, 16:00-18:00: Hebden Bridge (Alternative Technology Centre)

The mooring locations are The Moorings (Canal Basin, Sowerby Bridge), the Alternative Technology Centre in Hebden and near to the Golden Lion in Tod.


2 Responses to Boatelier

  1. Hello there, this sounds like an amazing project. I’m very interested in how it goes as we too are about to embark upon a canal boat project. please keep us informed as to the progress of this project and we would very much like to attend the talk in November. Any opportunity to have a conversation about this work would be fantastic. I look forward to hearing more.

    Very best wishes

    James Cangiano
    Curator of Learning Ikon Gallery

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