Graeme Murrell

Graeme Murrell is an artist based in Huddersfield. His interest is mostly connected to experimental multimedia works involving text, sound and performance.
Since the 1990s both he has been involved with several publication projects such as Frontal Lobe, a small press magazine of poetry, scurrilous writing and other rants and Electric Dogs, an unpublished novel. He has also been the member of avant-jazz band Trump and later the freeform music group the F*ks and the duo The Importance Of… He is the editor of the website Monocular Times which curates Situationist and other writing, and hosts the site of pressure group Huddersfield Gem who are dedicated to the preservation of Huddersfield’s Queensgate Market. He is the member of the Sedentary Committee for the Consideration of Gradual Change and continue to curate the Institute for the Preservation of Bad Art, which is dedicated to saving poorly executed artworks from landfill.


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