Tim Knowles and Megan Smith at The Mint

Tim and Megan provide some food for thought at the Mint, venue for Leeds Digital Festival. This is great extra venue for Over Yonder though it has brought forward a bit extra work in plinth building! Megan’s is particularly interesting as this is it’s first showing before going off to New York.

Tim Knowles here:

Megan Smith here:

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Looking forward to installing…

We have been lucky enough to be given access to a 3 unit space at the Corn Exchange to house Navicula Obscura and poor_pattern, its on the top balcony and is pretty fantastic!
It was also really interesting to walk round and visit all the tenants and introduce then to Over Yonder, the top level is full of second hand / vintage shops… good stuff.

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Last day of Urban Icons

Today is the last day of Urban Icons at UNION 105 which has been a very popular show and great to work with Alex Dunn, who splits here time between studio at Patrick Studios, running her sandwich shop (Stones in Harehills, so if you miss today you can find her own installation there) and doing her degree at Leeds College of Art… phew!

I would have liked to show you images of her opening but a small glitch of having the files deleted off the memory card has stalled that slightly (over enthusiastic artists… good, but bad sometimes!). So the images still exist but just need extracting, more later!

So below were taken during a visit from Richard Shields from Contents May Vary readies for Propellart and as Silvia Liebig begins her work for poor_pattern. All systems go!

AD on flickr

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Activity on Rahab… fantastic images!

So the crew of the Rahab have been busy creating images of Yorkshire… in rather cramped conditions for big blokes!

Image quality seems amazing for a pin hole and my guess is it was fairly bright outside for this image below. For those of you not familiar with pin hole photography it really is that, a small hole, in usually a copper sheet, and a darkened room and photographic paper! Can’t wait to see the final results…

More on Steve’s Flickr site – http://tinyurl.com/26efvcl

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Yet another journey begins as Spy Box goes on its merry way…

At 3.30 today Tim Knowles’ Spy Box set off on the first of it’s three legs to the Art House in Wakefield. Special thanks to Kim in lending a helping hand. Nice day for it as well!

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Update: New Exhibition Venue

We are pleased to have confirmed the Corn Exchange as a venue for Over Yonder (yes, believe it or not we do embark on progamme without the full details known!!).
Artists Silvia Liebig and Steve Rayner will be showing in a triple unit on the balcony. Thank you to the Corn Exchange!

Thanks to Steve Rayner for the budgie show pic – 1979

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Cabin Boy Burkett hard at work…

Guest artist of the day Michael Burkett (earlier found wandering the tow path) gets down to the serious business of creativity…

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Urban Icons Opening Tonight

Urban Icons : Weds 20th October at Union 105
Come along and come face to face with Chapeltown and Harehills!

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The Walkers Return!

Well the walkers made it to the Head of Steam in Huddersfield, and good on them a mammoth 10 hour walk, and defiantly not as the crow fly’s… more how the situationist rambles!

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Grab a Printed Programme

Not got your printed programme of events?

Send your address to: info[at]esaweb.org.uk and we will send you one over!

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