Over Yonder Intro

Over Yonder
Over Yonder is an inter-regional art and cultural project connecting locations in the Aire and Calder Valley in West Yorkshire, England and the Ruhr Valley in Germany (the current European Capital of Culture). The project’s aim is to extend the artistic network in the region and beyond and to develop the relationship between the regions’ locations and communities through art events. This will also be the first of East Street Arts’ larger scale projects aiming to extend the activities of the organisation regionally and inter-regionally.
The central theme for this years Social Club is twinning. The project aims to explore the wider historical context of town/region twinnings as well as how artists/and publics explore social, historical, political similarities and differences of their own through learning about others. (An interesting coincidence is that the first recorded modern twinning agreement was between Keighley in West Yorkshire and Poix-du-Nord, France in 1920 following the end of World War One).
Over Yonder is a collaboration between Westgate Studios (Wakefield); Dean Clough (Halifax) and East Street Arts (Leeds) and the programme includes artists such as Contents May Vary, Silvia Liebig & Gudrun Kattke, Megan Smith, Gordon McKiernan, and Alex Dunn.
Exhibition and events will happen throughout October and November 2010 in venues including empty retail units in Leeds and Dortmund, airport spaces in Dusseldorf and Leeds Bradford, exhibition and project spaces in Halifax (Dean Clough) and Leeds (Union 105 and Patrick Studios at East Street Arts). The venue-based programme will be accompanied by a mobile participatory project on a narrow boat stopping at different locations along the Rochdale Canal. Social Club will finish at the end of November with a two-day celebration including publication launch and a live art/performance event.

The project is supported by the West Yorkshire Grants, Marketing Leeds, Jet2, Leeds City Council, and Arts Council.
*1. being in that place or over there; being that or those over there: That road yonder is the one to take.
2. being the more distant or farther: yonder side.
3. at, in, or to that place specified or more or less distant; over there.