Patrick Studios (Leeds)

Address: St Mary’s Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS9 7EH
Contact: 0113  480 040 /

Projects: Over Here Over There / The Final Celebration

Patrick Studios is a bespoke centre for artists and provides up to 34 quality studio spaces, resource areas, large project space and the East Street Arts headquarters. It is unique since it addresses artists’ need for structured support outside of academic institutions and fosters an ethos of professional development. It is a place for artists endavouring to be professional in their chosen discipline and it is expected that a reciprocal culture will evolve whereby new relationships and collaborations are established and careers can flourish.

The Project Space at Patrick Studios is an experimental space, a flexible space for research, collaboration, production and meetings. Artists members and invited guests use it try out new things, spend time behind closed doors and present their work for specific or wider audiences. Higher Educational partners use it for teaching, performances and students shows. East Street Arts organises specific social events, artists’ network meetings, performances, symposia, talks and research exhibitions there as part of its public programme.

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