Steve’s (Leeds Liverpool Canal)

Address: Start: Leeds Canal Basin, Dark Neville St, LS1 4BR
Finish: Skipton Canal Basin, BD23 1LH

Project: Navicula Obscura

History of the canal:
The Canal Act passed in 1770 was for a route from Liverpool to Leeds via Parbold, Walton-le-Dale (just south of Preston), Colne and Skipton, with a branch from Burscough towards the River Ribble, a branch from Parbold to Wigan, a great aqueduct at Whalley and a branch from Shipley to Bradford.
In 1773, the first part to open was the lock-free section from Skipton to Bingley. In 1777, the canal was open between Liverpool, Parbold and Gathurst, near Wigan, and from Leeds to Gargrave, including the branch to Bradford. However, at this point all the funds had been spent and work came to a halt. (

History of the boat:
Origin of the name “Rahab”:
a)    it is short,
b)    it is easily mistaken for “rehab” which provides hours of amusement (no, really) for some people
c)    it represents a biblical character who went from being pretty messed up to being reasonably ok.

We discovered afterwards that it also in Hebraic tradition means a great sea monster or demon of the deep, producer of chaos. Oh well.

For those who like to know this sort of thing, “Rahab” is a 45foot narrowboat with a cruiser stern and a 28hp Isuzu engine.

The Leeds Liverpool Canal is Britain’s longest inland waterway at 127 miles long with a staggering 91 locks and was opened in 1816. The Leeds Liverpool Canal took 46 years to build, and finally came in at five times the original budget. The first part to open was the lock-free section from Skipton to Bingley, in 1773. The canal was busy all through the nineteenth century and carried stone, coal and other goods. It passes right through the centre of Skipton, and at the canal basin there is a junction with the Springs Branch (Lord Thanet’s) Canal. 

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