The Art House (Wakefield)

Address: Drury Lane, Wakefield, WF1 2TE
01924 377740 /

Projects: Spy Box

The Art House is a unique national membership organisation for visual artists and was created in 1994, by a group of visual artists to campaign for equality of access to opportunities for work, training and exhibiting for both disabled and non-disabled artists equally. Membership includes professional practitioners in all visual and tactile art forms and approaches to art; artists are welcomed whether or not they have taken a traditional route to development of their practice.

An inclusive organisation, The Art House offers support to all visual artists in the development of their professional practice and the realisation of their creative ambitions. It also creates purpose-built accessible and supported studio spaces where artists can work alongside each other on equal terms. It also designs and manages ambitious projects including residencies, exhibitions, commissions and research, nationally and internationally, all in accessible settings.

The Art House speaks on behalf of all artists and represents their interests to funding and commissioning bodies, to training institutions, to galleries and venues, and to others. It campaigns for inclusive practice across the visual art sector. It aims to be a facilitator, enabling artists to take up opportunities and to gain experience that will strengthen their creative practice and further their careers.

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