Need a friendly context where you can meet people who are similarly passionate about art?
Or a critical context which challenges your thinking about contemporary practices?
Or want to know how artists live and work?
Or just want to be in a place where you can learn and is not a school?
Then this is a place for you … and you never know, what you hear might change your life!

Launched in June 2010 Weds@105 is a curatorial strand to deliver a series of public seminars focusing on different aspects of contemporary arts practices as well as contextualising and extending East Street Arts activity and curatorial interest as an organisation.

The aim of these series is to create a live research space for information gathering, critical debate and knowledge sharing through group research, discussions as well as talks, presentations and workshops by a range of artists, curators and other creative practitioners.

Each series include a mixture of research sessions (including online research, discussion and the development of bibliography and resource links) facilitated by East Street Arts team and members; practical sessions based on case studies and led by artists and other arts professionals from within and outside Leeds; and contextual sessions unwrapping the theme of the series led by invited guest speakers.

The documents generated during each series (texts, bibliographies) will be available for further research and development in the in the new resource space at Union 105.

Venue: Union 105, 105 Chapeltown Road, LS7 3HY
Events are free to ESA Artisan Members / £2 students / £3 other
For information about our current membership scheme and rates please visit our website.

Series 2: On Collaboration and Collectivity
Directly linked to East Street Arts’ programme in 2010/2011, series 2 will explore the relationship between collaboration, collectivity and community. We ask our guests to explore the differences between ‘being-in-common’ and ‘being-together’ as well as ‘collective production’ and ‘collectivism’; the mis/understanding of collaboration in contemporary arts practices; the question of authority in collaboration; the difficulties with the art market; the problematics of socially engaged practices (the ethical turn) etc.

Weds@105 this time will take the form of ‘random Wednesdays’ between November 2010-May 2010 in the form of artists’ talks and special events.

Date: 24th November 2010
Artists: Contents May Vary
Time: 5 pm – 7 pm

Connected to Boatelier and Propellart as part of their commission for Over Yonder in this autobiographical talk Contents May Vary will dicuss all aspects of their collaborative curatorial practise over years envolving from being Fine Art students at Manchester Metropolitain University to become now self appointed status as Artists/Curators.

In addition to this they will look at the ways in which they represent their individual practices through there joint curatorial projects and will discuss ideas of ownership in collective working and their relationship with DIY ethos and aesthetics. They will also attempt to debate the benefits of arguing constructively and discuss their experiences with having to spend 6 days in the confines of a moving narrow boat without pushing each other in the water!

Date: 16 February 2011
Artists: Jeanne van Heeswijk and Institute for the Practice of Art & Dissent at Home, chair Nuno Sacramento, Director of Scottish Sculpture Workshop
Time: 5.30 – 7.00 pm

Defined as “the relationship between guest and host” or the “act of being hospitable” this discussion aims to explore cultural value of hospitality. Commissioned by a-n and Axis and directed by artist and writer Sonya Dyer this event is part of ‘Artists and Curators talking’, a series of seminar sessions across England and Wales exploring collaborative practice. We are very excited of being host for the event with such interesting speakers, however, for East Street Arts this is also an extra special event as Jeanne van Heeswijk‘s practice and The Blue House project she set up in Amsterdam was a model for Union 105. We were also asked by the curator to nominate a chair for the event and we are delighted to announce that after a successful presentation on residencies as part of Weds@105 series 1, Nuno Sacramento returns to Chapeltown!

Further dates and speakers for the series will be announced soon.


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